Demo Reel


Walk Cycle

Getting back in the saddle. Probably the most involved walk cycle I’ve ever done. Looking forward to really getting back into the swing of things.


Back in the Saddle

I’m finally back after an unexpected 3-4 week hiatus. As it turns out, my hard drive failed. Good news is I’m pretty much up and running again. Bad news is all my files we’re lost. But enough of that! Let’s get back to work!

Muybridge Jump w/ Moving Holds

Muybridge – Jump

A standard jump animation using the Norman rig based on photographs by Eadweard Muybridge.

Risky Bidness

New Project Coming Soon

Just a quick update, I’m currently finishing up my latest personal project and it will be posted in the next couple days provided I don’t get distracted.  SQUIRREL!

Blown Away

Angry Moom is Angry

MooMv4.0.3 rig by Ramtin Ahmadi

Club Kid Moom

Still making modifications to the base animation. Look at that kid groove.

MooMv4.0.3 rig by Ramtin Ahmadi

Celebration ver2

Slight modification to the previous celebration dance.

MooMv4.0.3 rig by Ramtin Ahmadi